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A Therapeutic Wellness Practice dedicated to Mind, Body, and Spiritual Health.

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Challenge yourself while aligning your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Offerings that inspire and move you. We utilize unique therapeutic techniques and draw upon a full spectrum of practices that promote harmony, strengthen resiliencies, and support higher levels of enlightenment and health.


Your complete 360-degree MIOPAH team of professionals all provide services within the three pillars of health: Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Professional, creative, and compassionate support designed to meet your specific mental health and emotional healing needs. Expertly personalized by our team of clinically-focused Wellness Practitioners.


A comprehensive and accessible array of holistic and better health services to help you achieve your overall optimal wellness. Nurtured by our 360-degree personalized, preventative, and strength-based approaches.


Respectful, collaborative, and integrative approaches to cultivate and connect more deeply with what brings you meaning, value, and purpose to your life. Come to know and attune yourself to the role Spirit plays in your life.


Practitioners will collaborate with you to build a strong foundation in all three pillars to transform your health, your being, and your life.

Mental Health Therapy

Experience mental and emotional healing support and counseling as a powerful strength-based therapeutic approach to help you build self-confidence and an authentic self-identity.

Functional Medicine

Develop a holistic and personalized approach with our medical team to identify and address the root causes of disease, and create a blueprint for overall better health within the mind, body, and spirit.

Public Health Education

Optimize your wellness journey through Evidence-informed guidance and education to help reduce risk-factors, build protective factors, and to ensure your ability to shape positive change for yourself.”

Ayurveda (ai·yr·vei·duh) – Nutrition

Dig deep to address the root causes of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health challenges. Receive coaching and guidance to create a lifestyle that helps you align with your Constitutional needs.

Creative Arts Therapy

Effectively navigate the internal and external conflicts that come with life’s transitions by way of dance, art, drama, voice, movement, instrument, and writing.

Integrative Healing Arts

Use all appropriate therapies available, both conventional and alternative. The objective is to cultivate self-mastery so you can make informed decisions about your health and live your most optimal life.


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JL – 2022

“Chad is one of the most down to earth guys I’ve ever met. He really helped me sort things out
and gave me plenty of good advice and I will always be thankful for the help.”


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