Our Commitment

Diversity is one of the core values of MIOPAH that stems from an emphasis on inclusivity. We strive to develop an inclusive and multicultural community and our intent is that all individuals feel welcome and all voices be heard, appreciated, and nurtured.

We recognize the historical lack of diversity and the exclusion of certain ethnic groups in popular discourse around wellness. We prioritize the inclusion of individuals from diverse ethnicities and races, as well as the inclusion of diverse sexual orientations, religions, gender expressions, and abilities. Both among our teams and within our community.

Our Values

In delivering services that further our mission and vision, we will model the following core values and encourage their integration into the lives of those we serve

The MIOPAH values:

  • Respect for self and others
  • Self-reliance and independence in the pursuit of individual goals
  • Teamwork and interdependence in the pursuit of a better community

Our Story

We have a team of trained Physicians, Licensed Clinicians, Public Health Educators, Yoga Therapists, and Healing Arts Practitioners that host and offer a comprehensive array of better health services and work from a 360-degree bio-wellness and strength-based approach.

We ensure that everyone receives the support they need to constructively address the challenges they face, build resilience, and improve individual functioning. Our highly trained and experienced staff creatively foster these abilities through each of our programs and services.

We provide comprehensive and accessible evidence-based programming and supportive services that increase opportunities to succeed and grow as individuals and community members. We do this by cultivating an open and supportive community of like-minded individuals, coming together to create meaningful and intentional connections. This is achieved through our Better Health Services, our 360-degree bio-wellness approach, and the indoor and outdoor Life Experiences (Lab’s).

The (Lab’s) aim at maintaining your physical, social, mental, spiritual, and emotional health while decreasing stress, increasing relaxation and equanimity, and to help manage challenging emotional situations (including life adjustments, grief and loss, Love of self and others, and the healing process).

Who is this for?

We provide comprehensive and accessible evidence-based clinical programming and supportive services that increase opportunities to succeed and grow as individuals and community members.

Better Health Services are ideal for everyone (ie. children, young adults, adults, and seniors). Some of these activities are kid-friendly while others are tailored towards families and family systems.

Our base is diverse and ranges in ages from 5 to 100 + years old. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

Why Was This Founded?

Founded in January 2017. The needs of the community in general are broad and interconnected. They usually include immediate mental and emotional needs for clinical treatments, functional and general medical care, and needs arising out of addiction, sexual exploitation, nutritional deficits, and/or gaps in general and higher learning or education.

At MIOPAH we believe that it is necessary and possible to provide programming and safe space where all of the foregoing needs are recognized and not met. Additionally, we believe that lives in crisis can be redirected and healed. And, we believe our vision is realized when those who come to us in need attain self-sufficiency.

Why The Name BioWellness?

We not only want to determine what makes people feel that they have a higher level of wellness but also create interventions that will help cultivate and enrich. Humans are complex individuals and we experience the world around us through our senses. We see the world as we experience it and we store that information like images or pictures. This data is then copied and stored within our short or long-term memory.

At BioWellness we understand your well-being is directly linked to your mind, your biology, and your spiritual experiences. Your physical health and spiritual health, all tie back to your biological composition and influence how you interact with your environments.

Our habits, patterns, cycles, activities, and relationships all can have a significant impact on how we feel and function, as well as how appropriately our mind and body respond to our overall health.